Autism Awareness Balloon Walk

I am Jaylen's mother. He was diagnosed with Autism or ASD in 2010. I have a Master Degree in Social Work and have over 25 Years of experience working with children and families.  But nothing prepared me for the challenges that come with my son Jaylen.  I was scared, confused, and had a lot of anxiety about what his life was going to be like.  I started seeking for services  and resources for us, and I couldn't find what we needed.  It took almost 2 years just to get a diagnosis for him.  It was extremely difficult. 

As a result of this, Jaylen's Journey was born.  It became my personal mission to make sure parents like me with children like Jaylen would get the support and resources they needed.

Jaylen's Journey is a newly formed non-profit that will help parents who need support, assistance in managing resources and information that will aid them in maximizing their children's potential. 

  • PO Box 955
    Aberdeen, Maryland 21001
    (443) 360-4026