The mission of Jaylen’s Journey is to provide families in low-income communities with children at risk for developmental disabilities with information on prevention, intervention, and early detection. This non-profit organization will partner with larger non-profit organizations and government agencies in effort to target communities that require the most assistance.
According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the rates of children with Autism is growing. Recently, diagnosis has grown from 1 in 88 children diagnosed with autism to 1 in 68. One caveat is getting children screened early, typically before age 3, and treated. Early detection and access to therapy can increase developmental growth.

Due to socio-economic circumstances, some families are unable to provide children with the necessary educational support or unaware of the necessary services for their children care. Jaylen’s Journey will work to alleviate burdens these families have by working with existing childcare-focused agencies, seeking support needed and linking them to needed services. In addition, this organization will provide families and programs with educational tools to help their child meet developmental goals.

Outreach will provide one to one support to families. We will provide an opportunity for parents to connect with a parent that is dealing with the challenges of raising a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder and share information and resources that will provide support.

As caregivers, we don’t have time to do much outside our set schedule.  Jaylen’s Journey understands that and will make time that is convenient for you.  You can do this by:  Phone, Skype, Face Time, or in person. Contact us today!